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Hi, I'm Piano244! (Might as well introduce myself!)

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Hi, I'm Piano244! (Might as well introduce myself!) Empty Hi, I'm Piano244! (Might as well introduce myself!)

Post by Piano244 on Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:15 pm

So I might as well introduce myself so you guys can get to know me better.

Hello there! I'm Piano244, as you know Very Happy

I own an Xbox 360/Kinect, Wii (rarely play), and a Nintendo DS (rarely play). My Xbox gamer tag is Piano244.

A few games I enjoy playing are Halo: Reach, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Modern Warfare 3, and Skyrim.

I also like to play an MMORPG called Guild Wars (and soon Guild Wars 2 when it comes out in a few months!) If you don't know about Guild Wars and enjoy MMORPG's, I highly suggest checking it out.

Feel free to add me on Xbox or even Wii (I'll send my FC)

I don't have Xbox live; just ended it about a month ago. We're thinking about getting another subscription, so when I do I'll let you guys know.

See you around!


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